Advanced Elements Firefly Review

The Advanced Elements Firefly is a small, compact and super lightweight inflatable kayak that is ideal for someone who wants an easily transportable kayak. Designed for beginners and with a very affordable price tag attached the Advanced Elements Firefly truly is a great place to start if you lack experience or simply want something very affordable.

While the price tag may be fairly low, the quality of the kayak is actually excellent, the build is sturdy and it should last you a lot longer than you would expect with an inflatable kayak. On-board are molded handles, bungee deck lacing, a mesh pocket, tracking fin and advanced inflation valves which makes it easy to inflate and deflate.

If you are a larger person then this kayak may not suit you as it holds a maximum 250 lbs, if you weigh more than this you should take a look at the Sea Eagle 330 or the Sea Eagle 420X, these kayaks are far more suitable for people of a larger size or wish to carry more weight and will give you a far greater experience when out on the water.

Advanced Elements Firefly

Keep in mind that while this is a well made inflatable kayak that could last you a long time if you looked after it, it is meant for beginners and to be used on calm waters like lakes and slow rivers, if you are looking for something that will survive on white water then you need to look at something far more capable like the Sea Eagle 420X.

Overall the Advanced Elements Firefly is a very good kayak, it is very well priced and offers a great ride while on the water, however, it is geared towards beginners and should be used as a stepping stone as you advance in skill. This would also be the perfect present for your children, because of the low cost it would be affordable and a great way to spend the weekends out on the water.


Advanced Elements Firefly Review


Affordability – Incredibly low cost and therefore affordable to just about anyone.

Build – Sturdy and tough, this incredibly designed inflatable kayak should last you some time.


Dry Storage – Lacks a dry storage space to keep your food or other items that you don’t want to get wet.