Coleman QuikPak K5 Review

The Coleman QuikPak K5 inflatable kayak is a one person kayak that comes with a backpack storage system so you can grab and go at any time you like. It only takes 5 minutes to get the kayak inflated and ready for the water.

Made from a 24-gauge PVC constitution, the Coleman QuikPak K5 has a rugged tarpaulin bottom and thick polyester cover that will easily handle anything the lake will throw at you. Should you hit a snag along the way the multiple chambers will ensure you stay afloat and able to get back to the shore without any issues whatsoever.

Secure storage areas allow you to safely store items whilst D-rings are an easy way to attach other equipment to the kayak.

Coleman QuikPak K5

The Coleman QuikPak K5 is 10 feet long and 2 foot 10 inches wide and has a maximum capacity of 250 pounds, more than enough for a fully grown adult male. This kayak also comes with a limited 1 year warranty and is NMMA certified.

Overall the Coleman QuikPak K5 is a great inflatable kayak that works well on calm waters such as lakes or slow rivers. At over $500 dollars it sits mid-range in price when it comes to inflatable kayak prices, this is a fair price point when you consider the cool features it offers and the increased longevity it should offer.


Coleman QuikPak K5 Review


Portability – Very easy to move thanks to its lightweight design and easy storage backpack.


Usage – Not built for rough waters or rapids