Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak Review

Are you looking for a low cost fishing kayak that you can take friends and family out on? Do you have a tight budget but want many of the great features that much more expensive fishing kayaks have? Then the Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak may be the perfect choice for you!

This incredibly popular kayak can hold up to 500 lbs at any one time and hold up to three people (although designed for two) making it perfect for families, however, the best part is the price, you can get the sports fisher kayak for around $1000 dollars less than most other similar kayaks right here.

Those who love fishing will absolutely love the design of the Lifetime Sports Fisher Kayak, its tunnel hull allows you to stand up and fish without any balance issues and also allows three riders at any one time thanks to its ergonomic ”high and dry” seat designs which keeps riders off the floor of the kayak. This kayak also has front and rear molded paddle cradles and paddle clips as well as four pole holders so that multiple people can fish from the kayak.

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Other features of the Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak include a 6 inch storage hatch so you won’t have to worry about getting your possessions wet, shock cord straps, ditty trays and scupper holes, the boat itself is also made from UV protected high density polyethylene. The Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak is also a fairly lightweight boat weighing only 60 pounds, this means it should require only one person to load it on and off your vehicle whenever you want to take it out on the water.

Overall the Lifetime Sports Fisher Kayak offers a great package, its a very good kayak at an incredible price. Whilst it may not have all the bells and whistles that other top-end fishing kayaks has, it offers more than enough for most anglers and families to go out on the water and have a great time without breaking the bank! If you want an affordable fishing kayak, or simply wish to spend more time with the family then you simply can’t go wrong with the Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak.


Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak Review


Capacity – Holds up to 500 lbs, allows you to ride in tandem or possibly up to 3 people.

Price – Far less expensive than many other similar fishing kayaks on the market today.


Bulky – The Lifetime Sports Fisher Kayak has 10 foot long hull which is great for balance, however, as its also fairly wide it can be quite difficult to carry to the water on your own at times.

Colour – Only available in one colour which is olive green as seen in the photos.