Sea Eagle 330 Review

The Sea Eagle 330 is an entry-level inflatable kayak which comes at a very affordable price. Not only is it affordable it is also easy to transport as it weighs only 26 lbs and can be put in the back of a car with no issues whatsoever. It will also hold a maximum capacity of 550 lbs, more than enough for two fully grown adults and some other equipment such as camping gear or a picnic.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Sea Eagle 330 is that it’s almost impossible to sink or tip it over, whilst also being very easy to manoeuvre and fairly quick in the water. It’s a great kayak for exploring, camping, diving or fishing and can be used on a lake, calm seas or a river. Because of it’s small size when deflated it can be transported to pretty much anywhere in the world with very little hassle.

Sea Eagle 330

The Sea Eagle 330 is designed with an extra thick 33 mil Polykryla hull and has an I-beam floor for extra rigidity. Inflatable spray skirts and removable front and rear seats means you can make extra space if you are travelling alone. This kayak also features two molded skegs for tracking and speed, something you won’t often see on many inflatable kayaks. Also on-board is a self-draining valve, three one-way valves, bow and stern grab line and it also comes with a pressure gauge and repair kit for peace of mind.

For those who want to know more about the boat itself, it is a total of 11 feet 2 inches long and 34 inches wide, it also features three separate air chambers at the port, starboard and floor. To inflate the entire Sea Eagle 330 takes approximately just six minutes. This means you can be out of your vehicle and on the water in no time at all, far quicker and easier than many other inflatable and hard bodied kayaks.

Anyone still unsure about purchasing an inflatable kayak should remember that the Sea Eagle 330 does come with a 3 year warranty against all defects, if you have any issues with the kayak you can always get a refund, however, with the great craftsmanship of this kayak this is hugely unlikely.


Sea Eagle 330 Review


Weight – At just 26 lbs the Sea Eagle 330 is easy to transport and can be inflated and ready to go within just 6 minutes.

Price – At a little over $200 you really couldn’t expect anything more from a kayak, it is the perfect entry-level kayak that comes at a great price.


Tracking – Even with two skegs the tracking isn’t great and is also susceptible to blowing in the wind.