Sea Eagle 380X Review

The Sea Eagle 380X is a top of the range inflatable kayak that is built for two people and up to 750 pounds. This premium kayak is great for both beginners and those with more experience, it is also incredibly light weight and easy to transport from one location to another thanks to being easy to inflate and deflate. Whilst you may think it’s quite expensive for an inflatable kayak, it is built to last through the years and is worth every single penny.

The Sea Eagle 380X is an incredibly versatile kayak which can paddle well in all kinds of water from still lake water to class IV rapids. The slide on skeg improves tracking and although it’s not the fastest model, it is incredibly stable, tough and fun to ride on, no matter what the water conditions are.

As already mentioned the Sea Eagle 380X can hold up to 750 lbs, more than enough for two people as well as some camping gear or other items if you are heading down river for a few days. Unlike other ”dry only ” kayaks with no drains or ”wet only” kayaks  with permanently open drains, the 380X offers four extra-large, easily convertible drains for both dry and wet conditions.

Sea Eagle 380X

The durability of the Sea Eagle 380X comes down to its 1.000-denier, polyester supported, high-pressure fabric with quadruple-thickness electronic welded seems. Many people assume that inflatable kayaks are far weaker and a lot less sturdier than hard body kayaks, however, to prove a point, Sea Eagle pounded this model with a claw hammer and it had no effect on the kayak. The crocodile hide hull is so sturdy that it will take on any challenge and come through unscathed.

Other features of the Sea Eagle 380X include integrated bow and stern spray skirts with water deflecting guards, rope lacing handholds, two tall-back seats for extra comfort, two 8-foot double ended paddles, inflation pump, bow and stern storage bags and a repair kit for peace of mind. For those worried about possible punctures, keep in mind that this model comes with a 3 year warranty!

Overall the Sea Eagle 380X is a great all-rounder, you can use it in just about any water conditions, its easily transportable, weighs very little and has a maximum capacity of 750 lbs, more than enough for most folks. The only downside is the fairly high price of just over $1000 dollars, however, if it is within your budget, then this truly is a worthy kayak.


Sea Eagle 380X Review


Versatility – Great in pretty much every water condition imaginable, from calm lake water to grade IV rapids, the Sea Eagle 380X excels.

Capacity – At 750 lbs you have more than enough capacity for two people and a lot of equipment.

Weight – At just 47 lbs this kayak is very easy to transport and very simple to get set up and ready for the water.


Speed – This will never be the fastest kayak because of the size and design.