Sea Eagle 420X Review

The Sea Eagle 420X is an inflatable kayak which is as tough as they come, it can even get you down class IV rapids! This large kayak can hold up to 3 people or 855 pounds, more than enough for storing your camping gear and food on-board. If you intend to traverse miles down river on a trip then this is truly a comfortable kayak with more than enough room for most items.

Unlike ”dry-only” kayaks with no drains or “wet-only” kayaks with permanently open drains, the Sea Eagle 420X offers four extra-large, convertible drains for both dry and wet conditions. When the drains are open the kayak will bail itself, when they are closed not a drop of water will be let in, keeping you dry and comfortable at all times.

Sea Eagle 420X

On-board the Sea Eagle 420X are a number of cool features, they include bow and stern spray kits, water deflecting guards, rope lacing to tie down the kayak, two tall-back seats, two 8-foot double ended paddles, an inflation pump, storage bags and repair kit. Those who are worried about purchasing an inflatable kayak should take peace of mind from the fact that this kayak also comes with a 3 year warranty. Infact this kayak is so tough that stabbing it with a screwdriver or using a claw hammer on it did no damage when Sea Eagle were testing it.

The durability of the Sea Eagle 420X comes down to its 1,000 denier, polyester supported, high-pressure fabric with quadruple-thickness and electronic welded seems. Quite a mouthful but we assure you this Sea Kayak is as tough as they come, as already mentioned, Sea Eagle stands behind their product with a 3 year warranty!

The hull of the Sea Eagle 420X is 13 feet long by 3 feet 1 wide and in total it weighs 54 pounds. This means you can easily pack it away and carry it when not in use, to re-inflate the kayak takes just 9 minutes, simply fill the four chambers (floor, port, starboard and I-beam) one at a time and away you go.

Overall the Sea Eagle 420X is a high quality kayak that can be used in any water condition, while some people may believe it’s rather expensive for an inflatable kayak, you have to keep in mind that this will last throughout the years, Sea Eagle guarantee it. If you are after a multi-purpose kayak for you and the family then this is one of the best your likely to find.


Sea Eagle 420X Review


Functionality – The 420X can be used all all type of water conditions, from grade IV rapids to slow moving rivers, ocean water and still lakes.

Capacity – With a total capacity of 855 pounds you won’t find many kayaks that can hold much more weight.


Price – At just over $1000 dollars it may be a little bit too pricey for some.