Solstice Trekker Duo Kayak Review

The Solstice Trekker Duo Kayak is a low cost, two man inflatable kayak that can be converted for solo use by simply removing one seat and repositioning the remaining seat in the middle of the kayak. This makes the Solstice Trekker Duo Kayak and incredibly versatile kayak that is great for families.

Made from durable 500 denier 3-ply fabric, the Solstice Trekker Duo Kayak has a high pressure valve for super fast inflation and deflation. Many beginners worry about using an inflatable kayak as they are worried about a hole appearing in the fabric, however, this kayak has 3 chambers and 2 auxiliary chambers so even if you are unfortunate to find a hole while out on the water, two other air chambers will keep you afloat.

On board the kayak you will find a double Y-beam floor construction which makes the kayak incredibly steady, sleek and fast! Padded backrests and adjustable seat cushions make this kayak very comfortable to use in most water types, as long as you don’t intend to take it into grade IV rapids the Solstice Trekker Duo Kayak should come through unscathed.

Solstice Trekker Duo Kayak

As already mentioned the Solstice Trekker Duo Kayak can be both inflated and deflated very quickly, it also weighs less than 40 pounds so is very easy to move around thanks to the backpack style carry pack that comes included.

If you are in the market for a new kayak and want something that the whole family can enjoy for fairly little cost then the Solstice Trekker Duo Kayak is worth a look at. This inflatable kayak won’t cost you the earth and is very easy to setup and get out on the water.


Solstice Trekker Duo Kayak Review


Versatility – Two seats can be moved to create a one man kayak

Weight – At just 40 pounds this inflatable kayak is very easy to move around


Build – Some consumers have had issues with holes or tears in the kayak